British born Andrew is the company owner and lead guide. An irrepressible traveller, he has been on the road since his late teens and has lived and worked in Asia for 25 years. Originally running his own import business specialising in antiques and rare crafts from India and surrounding countries, it was by tracking down his pieces one by one through the villages by motorcycle that he developed his profound knowledge and love of India; both the land and its people. Also, a successful travel photographer, Andrew works for many of the world’s most famous travel publications. After many years of friends pleading with him to take them along, he founded LiveIndia in 2008 with the purpose of showcasing the hidden secrets of this incredible country by motorcycle to small intimate groups of guests travelling as friends in the most luxurious comfort, and with the highest standards of service possible. With an easy-going nature and speaking three Asian languages, Andrew has a natural ability to bridge continents with a unique insight that reveals the country’s inner beauty and culture, as well as its most astounding landscapes and cuisine, thus making a trip with LiveIndia a truly unforgettable experience of a lifetime.





Our tour coordinator in India Raju, is from the Western Himalaya region of India. Born into a family with traditional roots and a strong travelling background, he founded and still runs one of the first travel and trekking companies in the Himalayan region. Raju has a vast knowledge and empathy with the mountains and understands the nature and the cultures that abide there. Over the decades, he has led many high-altitude treks for explorers, botanists, and adventurers who need to access remote areas and today owns a beautiful trekking lodge in a small village situated in the lofty Kullu Valley where he lives with his family. Raju is a master chef who serves the most delicious dishes garnished with fresh herbs from his rooftop garden. He has a deep love for the Himalayas and a passion to introduce people to some of the inner secrets of India that few people know about, so it is our great good fortune to have him working with us, showing us around his homeland and amazing us with his in-depth knowledge and superb culinary skills.





Indian born Avneesh is a fully qualified General Practitioner who accompanies us on every trip. Living in the Western Himalayas he is completely at home in the mountains and being a motorcycle rider himself he fully aware of the potential needs when travelling, especially at high altitudes. Avneesh is an expert in quickly curing any little stomach ailments that people occasionally experience and has often helped diagnose illnesses that client’s doctors at home have never spotted. In the last decade the worst scenarios we have had to deal with is someone who cut his hand while in a remote area that Avneesh stitched right there and then. Our guest commented that he wouldn’t have got such a fast and professional service at his local NHS hospital back home, and he was riding again the following day. Another event that comes to mind is when a client developed a prostate problem ten hours from civilisation and needed immediate catheterisation. Thankfully Avneesh sorted him out promptly and averted what could have been a life-threatening situation. So, whether it’s an insect bite, a graze, an infection, altitude sickness or something more serious you can rest at ease knowing you have a fully equipped doctor on board who can cope with all issues.





We are proud to have with us the best Royal Enfield mechanic in India. In his youth Afroz worked for the Royal Enfield company for 12 years, building engines for these legendary classic bikes. Since then he has set up two mechanics shops in both north and south India specialising in Enfield repairs and modifications. He works with his brother Arif who also joins us when Afroz is too busy and between them they manage and maintain our fleet of bikes which are brand new every two years. Every morning he is out at the bikes early, checking them over to ensure they are in perfect condition and completely mechanically safe and sound for the days ride. He even warms your bike up for you, so after breakfast it’s ready to cruise off smoothly. Carrying a full set of spares, Afroz happily makes any little brake and clutch adjustments to tailor your bike to your riding style. There is nothing Afroz does not know about Enfield’s and he likes nothing better than to discuss bikes with anyone who has a passion for them. He is goldmine of interesting facts and figures about this historic machine and is a tremendous asset to the team.





Nandu our support vehicle driver was born and brought up in the Kullu Valley, deep in the Himalayan foothills and the start point for many of our Himalayan tours. With two decades experience driving over the highest roads on Earth, his calmness and ready smile are always a reassuring sight. He drives his own high wheelbase 6-seater Toyota Innova in which he carries our luggage and is kitted out with roof rack, spare parts, medicines and lovely comfortable seats, together with a sound system from which gently emanates the happy Bollywood beats he so loves. He keeps our day luggage on the back seat so whenever we pull over he is there behind us and we can retrieve our cameras or gloves or the provided drinks and snacks. If you feel like a 10 minute snooze or taking a day off riding or being pillion for whatever reason, our mechanic can take your bike for you, and you can take a reclining seat and have a nap, or enjoy the awe-inspiring landscapes from the wide open windows. We also offer a seat in the vehicle to any travellers wishing to join us who don’t ride motorcycles yet desire to see our magnificent routes and stop with us for the spontaneous markets, weddings as well as fantastic landscape photo opportunities that only small group motorcycle travel in India can offer.



The Royal Enfield


The legendary Royal Enfield motorcycle is undoubtably the most suitable bike for touring in India. Time and again it has proved itself to be not only the most durable but also the most fun bike to ride there. Originally manufactured in the UK and since 1962 made in Chennai (Madras), these motorcycles were commissioned in 1950’s India for use by the police and military as they were solidly built and the most powerful bikes on the road at the time, and they still are to this day. The low centre of gravity and sturdy construction make them ideal for comfortable touring. You will ride the latest models of Royal Enfield 350 and 500cc Bullet on our tours. The Royal Enfield may be an old-fashioned, traditionally designed bike but the latest models have the gearing the “right” way around, electric start, disc brakes and a five-speed gear box. These bikes have a four stroke, single cylinder engine that not only look good but sound terrific too. The 500s are fuel injected while the 350s which we use for the Goa tours have carburettors. They are all a pure pleasure to ride and with low down torque and long wheel base are an ideal option for India. A long wheel base provides increased stability and road grip compared to other bikes, making it ideal for long distance travel.

We only use bikes that are no more than 2 years old and so perform beautifully. In ten years of taking tours we have yet to have a client who has not been impressed and had their heart melted by the Enfield despite initial reservations. The bikes are quirky with each having its own little idiosyncrasies straight off the production line. However, each rider soon bonds with their machine on the first day of riding.

You will quickly appreciate the precise handling of the bike when you encounter technical situations, especially in the Himalayas. The bike seems to steer itself with just the slightest touch from the rider in the most difficult of terrains. The Enfield soon becomes your trusty and takes the rough with the smooth. If you ever find the back wheel slipping out, the bike rights herself without a fuss. By the time people leave they love their bike and the wonderful trip it has given them. A few people go home and buy one straight away!

With LiveIndia you can ride as fast or slowly as you like. Our guides are sensitive to individual needs and capabilities. So, whatever your biking experience, you’ll find there’s no pressure - this is a holiday not a race!

During the trip you have the back up of support vehicles and crew. Our bikes are maintained by our mechanic Afroz who will check each bike at the end of each day to ensure it is in peak condition for the following morning. All LiveIndia’s Enfield’s are very well-maintained bikes at the start of your trip, but if the bike experiences any problems it will be repaired or replaced; Nandu will be driving in the support vehicle behind us with the spares and your luggage to keep you light on the road so all you need to do is watch the beautiful scenery unfold before you. Pillion riders are very welcome and we provide a comfortable high cushioned back rest for you. The Enfield is very comfortable for passengers and handling is even better for the rider with extra weight on back wheel.

Touring India on a Royal Enfield on a sunny day is one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have in life.

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Roof Of The World - March 2019
Highly recommend this trip, its the most amazing experience.

Roger Turner
Bhutan Tour - November 2018
Just to say thank you to you all for your fun and cheerful company on what was an amazing and unforgettable trip.

Paul Hanson: Roof Of The World - August 2018

It's been about 6 years since I did this and it's still one of the best things that I've ever done.

Tom B. Little Tibet Tour - October 2018

Certainly, the highlight of my year was our Himalayan adventure! Still working on a return to India....Leh and Nubra Valley need to be ridden! (2020?)

Ben Williamson January 2018

What a trip we had though, I miss it everyday. Was the best trip I have ever been on.

Susan J. December 2017

Big big thanks Andy & LiveIndia for another amazing wonderful experience in India.

Chris Edmunds
Goa & Beyond - December 2017

Thank you, Andy, thank you India, t’was another amazing trip. I’m truly grateful for everything - it was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new! Love to you all.

Ciaran Gannon.
Goa & Beyond - December 2017

Thanks Andy, another awesome Indian adventure.

Philip Deacon July 2017

I'm struggling to decide which was my favourite place and moment. There isn't a day that goes by without us reflecting on where we have been and what we have seen.

R. Hine
Malabar Coast Kerala - Jan 2017

Thanks for pictures...was indeed a fantastic trip and thank you for making it a great experience...Hopefully we will meet again.

Peter Daniels
Roof Of The World - March 2017

I keep getting wonderful flash back images of our trip and that unique countryside

Peter Laws 
Rajasthan - October 2016

Thanks from Will and I for a fantastic trip. I can only endorse Roger’s comments below: It really was a very special time.

Ciaran G. October 2016

You did everything you could to ensure an amazing experience, always with the safety of the group in mind. The team of people you have built there, to cover all aspects of the tour, is superb. Awesome job!

Roger T.
Rajasthan - October 2016

Most of all it was lovely to share the experience with such good company. Many thanks for all your hard work which succeeded in making it such a success.

Michelle R.
Roof Of The World - July 2016

I have been on a lot of motorcycle tours in my life but I just wanted to tell you that this was the best one I have ever been on.

Valerie F.
Goa & Beyond - January 2015

India was never on my bucket list. And now I want to go back and see it all.

Nick A.
Little Tibet - November 2014

We often talk about our Indian adventure and have nothing but fond memories of the trip.

John Fisher
Himalayas Tour - October 2014

What a great time was had by all, I hope. A great adventure. Thank you all for making my birthday special.

Dick & Ruth B.
Himalayas Tour - April 2014

We still have to pinch ourselves when we think back to what really was a trip of a life time. Would we do it again – Yes.

David Armand
Goa & Beyond - January 2014

Thanks again for encouraging me to do this and taking care of a newbie. Was brilliant!

Jon Mitchell - Himalayas Tour - April 2013

Hi Andy, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my trip, it has help me appreciate the life and challenges of the beautiful people of India, and hope to join you for your Bhutan trip in 2014.
Again many thanks for a life altering experience, something that I will never forget, and I think you may get a few interests from Aussie, on my recommendation.

Paul Kemp
Roof Of The World - August 2012

Dear Andrew,
I can’t thank you and all the boys enough for the great adventure
and the friendships formed during the trek was magic.

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