Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials
Live India Testimonials

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What people are saying about LiveIndia

A. McMillan:
Sept 2011

Thank you for sending on the photo disc and the emails, they bring back all the great memories of a fantastic trip. You and your excellent team did such a top job looking after our every need. The accommodation that you organised for us was first class, I still cant believe the places we stayed at the variation of them made the trip one of the best. I still dream of riding my Royal Enfield through the Himalayan mountains. So thanks again for the trip of a lifetime and I hope I can join you again on a bike trip to India.

Chris Gray:
Sept 2011

Hello Matey
I'm still trying to come to terms with living back in the real world. This was such an extraordinary trip.
I plan to write to MCN this week and I' ll do you a testimonial while I'm at it.
You did such an amazing job putting that together.
Simply can't wait til the next one!

Ken Bishop:
Goa 2011

Having been on motorbike trips in Thailand, USA, South Africa and Spain I was not expecting to be surprised during my latest trip which was to GOA in India with But I was indeed surprised. It was actually the most interesting motor-biking experience of my life. Why? Because the variety of road conditions required real attention; putting the skill demands of Route 66 in the shade! and additionally our group, led by Andrew and Nitin, benefitted enormously from their considerable knowledge of all that is India. Whether it be the history, religions, languages, food in particular or just the thrill they provided by taking us through the back lanes and streets of remote villages and the cities and markets. It was a joy to eat ‘off the street’ introducing us to the Indian cuisine whether vegetarian or not-vegetarian. And where on Route 66 would you meet cows, pigs, chickens, multi-coloured vespa riders of all ages; and trucks overtaking ‘buses coming towards you on roads generally quite well pot-holed and barely wide enough such that a short departure into the rough was obligatory? Cows have inertia so are easily avoided, pigs are brighter than most of us so can look after themselves whereas chickens have, themselves, no idea in which direction they are likely to scamper. As to the ‘buses and trucks? What an experience! It was for me a 72nd Birthday celebration so I say to all those old-timers out there that age is no barrier you just need an adventurous spirit and to the younger fraternity I say leave your BMWs behind and spend two weeks on a 350cc Royal Enfield-which is about the time you need to get accustomed to kick starting, no front brake, gear-change on the ‘wrong’ side and, for many, the first regular use of the rear brake! During the whole trip we had no problems with the Royal Enfields, whatsoever, except a single puncture! Thank you Andrew and Nitin. And my next trip? Well maybe I join Andrew and Nitin in the Himalayas later this year! Just to be in their company again would justify it.

Rachel Gould:
Goa 2011

Goa and beyond really was the trip of a life time. Andy and Nitin anticipated all my needs and ensured that the trip exceeded all my expectations. If you want a VIP backstage pass to the stunning theatre of India, then this is the way to travel and LiveIndia is the only company to travel with. I grew to love my Enfield, respect the roads and marvel at every sight that awaited me. The value of this trip outstripped the cost tenfold because I didn’t just visit India, I experienced it. Priceless!

Tim Marshall:
Himalayas 2010

I just wanted to thank you for a superb two weeks, with you and the Live India team. As I said yesterday, I had a high expectation for the trip and this was more than exceeded. Your great knowledge, experience and hospitality meant the whole time was a real adventure and a lot of fun!! The mountains, the cities, the Royal Enfield, the food, the hotels, the people we met on the way and your company all added up to make the whole thing unforgetable!

Ananda Hall:
Himalayas 2010

A stunning trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Nitin and Andy are a great team- they know India, they know Enfields, and they know how to find small wonders far from the beaten path.

Himalayas Tour, Sept 2011

I would just like to thank you for organising the Himalayan trip we went on with you in September, I can honestly say it surpassed my expectations and some. I think you put together the right combination adventure, sight seeing and getting to meet the locals, as for the local cuisine, what can I say, fantastic.
The whole trip has left me with a tremendous hunger for more.
It goes without saying that the company could not have been better, a trip like that where we are a group of people put together from different parts of the world and of different ages to click as I felt we did was a major part of the trip.

Pam and Nigel:
Himalayas Tour, April 2012

Hi we are 2 NZers in our 60's, just returned from the Himalayas tour with Andrew and the team. it was more than we thought it would be. Adventure plus!!! Stunning views, gourmet food, wondrous accommodation and the new Enfields were a delight to ride with plenty of torque at low revs and plenty of character. The whole trip was well organized, Ta Andrew for showing India to us. We are saving up for the Goa trip.

Goa and Beyond, Dec 2012

Where do I begin? It’s a week since I returned from the Goa and Beyond tour and yet it is only just sinking in what an incredible, unique and truly special adventure we went on together.
Arriving in paradise; the beach in Goa, I considered that maybe we were doing the best bit first! How could it get better than this? But then how do you compare the laid back luxury of Goa to the small villages and towns of Karnataka. Excited, friendly, beautiful people who have never seen Westerners before? To visiting the hearts of those communities, the temples, bustling with life and so welcoming. Children running alongside your bike with sheer joy at seeing us. People willing to share the last of everything they have with you and invite you into their homes. To experiencing ancient sites which at home we would only see through fences if at all. To the landscape of Hampi. Indescribable! To being touched oh so gently by an elephant! To meeting a 12 year old Brahmin priest at the birth place of Hanuman, a place of legend to Hindus. To learning the art of bartering and the art of etiquette. To lying in a hammock and feeling the sense of timelessness that India evokes. How do you compare these experiences? To top it all off, I got to do it on the back of a motorbike, which I had never done before, and with a group of fantastic people who I would never have crossed paths with in everyday life. I feel like the luckiest person alive to have had this experience. Thank you so much Andy and your fantastic team for the trip of a lifetime!

Bill Butt:
Himalayas Tour Sept 2012

Another treat for me as a food writer and keen curry fan was not only the fantastic food, but thanks to your contacts, I was able to spend time up close and personal with some great Indian cooks. I now have a notebook full of North Indian specialities and a shelf full of spices from the Delhi bazaar to give my cooking extra zest. However, I’ve yet to use the Indian black salt which smells and tastes of fart, but I’m sure one day it’s time will come!

So on reflection we had a great time and photo albums and Facebook friends to prove it! The group were a great bunch, with just the right balance of support, compassion and, of course affectionate piss-taking, we are British after all! As well as the almost constant laughing and joking, I know all of us had an adventure that we will never forget, and we will all stay in touch. As soon I came back to the UK I brought a Bullet, and I will pretend I am in India when I roar up the Cheddar Gorge, Peter and I are planning a ride up North to see the rest of the gang, I hope we will have Krishna on our handlebars for the trip up the A 1.

I would heartily recommend LiveIndia to anyone considering a motorcycling trip to India, North or South. I can guarantee you will have the adventure of a lifetime. If any prospective clients would like a first hand appraisal of the Himalaya tour, please feel free to contact me by email, This was my first trip with LiveIndia and I am already saving for my next!

Peter Laws:
Himalayas, Sept 2012

Dear Andrew

Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

It was a real joy, to not only ride a classic motorbike through stunning, seldom visited scenery, but also to learn much of the culture and philosophy of the Indian people.

I enjoyed the gradual progression, increasing the riding challenges as we became more confident both with the bikes and the Indian “rules of the road”. I shall remember for many years the trip up the mountain to that lake and the final day dicing with the highway traffic on the road to Kalka

The guest houses and hotels were all comfortable and in interesting places. The food was also very special and covered a vast range of styles and complexity: from the “best Chicken Tikka in the world” to elaborate vegetarian curries. Sadly, I have returned home the same weight as I left – I had hoped to lose a bit!

I hope that I will be able to join you on the “Roof of the World “ trip next year – the holiday has certainly kindled a desire to return to India.

You are, of course, welcome to come and stay when you next find yourselves in the south west of England and share a drop of local cider

Best Wishes,


Chris and Sandra:
Goa and Beyond, Dec 2012

Both Sandy and I agree that you made our holiday the best adventure holiday we’ve ever had, the places, faces and smells will stay with us for a long time, our decision now is whether we can go to the mountains next year with you!
I was speaking to Landon the other day, and we both agreed that the trip was the best holiday we have had. In my opinion, it had the exact amount of riding, relaxing, eating great food and time to experience and enjoy India. From the experience I gained during the trip, I think its fair to say that travelling by motorbike (especially Enfield's) is the best way see and explore India.
Jon Williams UK:
Goa and Beyond Dec, 2012
Using the bikes was a great and exciting way to cover the distance that we did additionally enabling us to get involved and both see and experience the local landscapes, towns, villages, people and ways of life. I had never been to India before this trip and can now not wait to go again. In general, it was not just a holiday but a real eye opener - an amazing trip with top marks for planning and execution :)

Paul Kemp:
Roof Of The World, August 2012

Dear Andrew,
I can’t thank you and all the boys enough for the great adventure
and the friendships formed during the trek was magic.
Well mate I do hope you are well and I will start to arrange my photos
soon and send them to you.

Mark Furness:
Goa, Feb 2013

Thank you for a great time on my trip, fantastic fun and good company too, Thanks for the disc with the pictures on. It brings back fond memories which will stay with me forever.

Dave Heaven:
Himalayas, April 2013

I would like to say big THANKS for the best time I have ever had on two wheels and your team were second to none. The trip has not only taught me things but has opened my mind to the ways of India.
Must save for the next one where my wife will be coming as well.

Jon Mitchell:
Himalayas, April 2013

Hi Andy, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my trip, it has help me appreciate the life and challenges of the beautiful people of India, and hope to join you for your Bhutan trip in 2014, also I was hoping you could supply me with the names of our group and crew so as I can properly acknowledge them in my photo tributes.
Again many thanks for a life altering experience, something that I will never forget, and I think you may get a few interests from Aussie, on my recommendation.
Good luck for the future and hope I will be there again real soon

Roger Turner:
Little Tibet, July 2013

It is hard to find the words to describe just what an impression the last couple of weeks has made but I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to make our trip such a memorable experience! Your impeccable organisation, the lively company, the fun of riding traditional bikes and of course the breathtaking surroundings all conspired to make it a trip of a lifetime.
Particularly impressive was the way that you recovered from having your careful plans for the first week washed away. The alternative itinerary was just as exciting - for us to be able to cross the four highest motorable passes in the world, traverse the Himalayan and Karakorum Ranges to view Chinese Tibet and Pakistan in a single trip remains quite unforgettable.

For me, a great contribution to the adventure was the opportunity to explore the cultural rainbow of the region. The many quaint and picturesque monasteries, the chats with the monks, the glimpses of the mysterious sides of the religion coloured in with your own encyclopaedic stories all combined to reveal enough of the region's fascinating and complex nature to compel me to study it a great deal more! There are a couple of books I have come across which I thought might interest you in that respect. I have arranged for them to be sent to Colchester. I hope that you enjoy them.

I am sure that you have many photo's of the trip and I look forward to seeing them in due course but meanwhile thought that you might enjoy the attached.

Once again thank you for all you and the team did to give us all such an outstanding adventure.

Marie Taylor:
Little Tibet, July 2013

I have ridden to places so remote that not much grows there. I have crossed too many rivers to mention, ridden in magnificent valleys overlooked by monumental peaks, appreciated the generosity of tribes people and spent hours in the tranquility of Buddhist monasteries. I have taken my motorbike places I didn't think possible (snow, mud, rocks, water, sand) and seen the earth in all her raw beauty. It was so stunning it even made me cry. I have been looked after by the most amazing team of people and shown all the wonders on offer by our fearless leader, Andrew. It has been a life changing visit to the Himalayas and nothing will ever be the same....
Marie, still on top of the world.