Kit List

Bike Wear
Helmet Road helmets are fine. A lightweight one with ventilation options is best. Tour-cross or open face helmets are also popular for those who like to wear goggles. There seems to be no fixed rules regarding bringing helmets on as hand luggage. You can try, but leave enough space to put it in your check in bags just in case.

Protective Clothing We recommend that you wear the same protective clothing as you would in the UK during summer months. Textile is better than leather as the weather can be hot and humid depending on the altitude. Breathable materials are best suited to the climate. Also bring a pair of both summer and winter motorcycle gloves. A snood of some kind will prove invaluable at keeping out the dust that can sometimes be found on unsealed roads. An extra layer or two for when we hit high altitudes in both North and South India will serve you well.

Goggles or suitable sunglasses (not glass ones) We suggest a dark pair for day use and a light pair for evening use and whatever you like for walking around in.

Day to day clothing
A couple of pairs of jeans and / or a pair of linen or cotton slacks for decent restaurants although jeans are fine A pair of shorts A light water and windproof jacket Casual shirts One nice shirt for good restaurants. A warm jumper Couple of long sleeved tops T-shirts A wooly hat, for that night on the mountain A pair of thermals in case you get chilly Include one warm pair of socks among your regular ones Underwear is recommended to be cotton, and comfortable Motorcycle boots that you can walk in, if not then bring a decent pair of trainers as well Swimming shorts Sandals, flip flops

Girls and ladies, as above but please bear in mind that fashion is meaningless in the Himalayas and will look a bit strange to the locals. It is best to have loose cottony tops with short or long sleeves with something warmer to go over the top ie. the above mentioned jumper for that night around the campfire and any other chilly evenings. For the last couple of nights in Delhi one nice outfit incorporating a long skirt, jeans, or cotton/linen trousers are fine. See through garments, low cut or off the shoulder are generally considered a bit too revealing in India.

We suggest you bring your own sanitary wear as although available in India the options are not as varied as back home.

Leave yourself a couple of kilos in your luggage allowance for things to buy, there are lots of lovely things in India.

If you can find small canisters to pour your shampoos, unguents and crèmes, then you need not take up all your 20kg baggage allowance with bulky and unnecessary bottles and tubes.

My girlfriend recommends a nailbrush!

Water A small water camel pack may be useful although personally I bungee a water bottle to the bike, it’s not Paris Dakar and we provide water so no need to go overboard. Bungees A few bungees or cargo nets are always useful. Your main luggage will be following in the truck though, so you wont need many. Daybag Some kind of daybag ie. a small backpack for wandering around with water, camera, money, and gadgets etc. Penknife This is an ideal opportunity to take that mega penknife your auntie got you but remember to put it in your luggage or it will be confiscated by customs. Torch A Head torch is best. Try the Petzl Zipka Plus. Also incredibly useful is a small keyring torch. Liquor A bottle of something nice to warm our... sorry I mean your...blood on cold evenings. Earplugs and eyemask Sarong No need for towels but we highly recommend a sarong which can serve as such being lighter and quicker drying just in case we take a river dip on a hot day. Silk inner sleeping bag liner Camera/film/memory cards If you have a decent camera, don’t be afraid to bring it. Be sure to stock up on film if you use an SLR, or get hold of a few good-sized memory cards for your digital camera. If you like to take photographs, you will be spoilt for choice, and will be kicking yourself if you run out of space. Mobile phones and chargers. Bring a spare unlocked phone for local use in India. Small Padlock Some kind of alarm clock Travel adaptor Ones for France will work OK, although the slightly thicker pinned ones are best. Money Belt High factor sunscreen Lip balm Small binoculars or monocular Toiletries Universal sink plug Shampoo Pour you shampoos crèmes into bottles and tubes, and so leave yourselves more room for shopping! Basic First Aid kit This should at least contain. A bandage, safety pin , plasters, antiseptic cream, paracetamol, antihistamine cream and tablets (Benadryl is better than Piriton). A few Sachets of rehydration/electrolyte salts. Water A small water camel pack would be useful although personally I bungee a water bottle to the bike. Its not Paris / Dakar and we provide water for on the road so no need to go overboard with huge water packs. Mosquito repellentLook online, there are a good selection of “natural” formulas, and there is also a good version cheaply available in India so one bottle should do. Swimming costume Girls, an all in one please

Important Items
Money The best way to get money is through cash machines so bring a card or two and please remember to notify your bank by phone of where you are going before you leave so that they don’t block it. Cash Please bring £200 in cash for emergencies and another £20 to change at the airport when you arrive until we get to a cash machine. Passport with Visa 4 Passport Photos for permits Travel Insurance document with contact numbers Driving Licence and International Driving Licence endorsed for motorcycles. CBT alone is not acceptable Air Tickets Prescription Medication Mobile phones and chargers. Bring a spare unlocked phone for local use in India. A spare pair of glasses and your prescription In India a good sense of humour is essential!