Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India
Royal Enfield Tour Himalayas India, Motorcycle Tours Himalayas India, Motorbike Tours Himalayas India

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Himalayas Tour

Dates   14th - 28th April 2019

The Live India Himalayas Motorcycle Tour follows a unique route especially put together to provide you with the very best experiences you can have while exploring the verdant foothills of the majestic Indian Himalaya. Winding your way through the breath-taking countryside on the legendary Royal Enfield 500cc motorbike with the sun reflecting from the white peaks above you is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We will leave you to find the words yourself for the incredible sights, sounds and flavours that will make up the sensory part of your Himalayas motorcycle adventure, as you gently tour through some of the most exciting scenery on Earth.

This motorcycle tour is designed to be a real holiday with more than a hint of luxury, giving you time to take in the magnificent splendour of the Himalayas, enjoy and explore the towns and villages along the way and get to taste the very best of authentic Indian cuisine.

On this spectacular route through the rolling foothills we have left plenty of free time for you to pull over here and there and get a real feel for the local culture as well as see what’s going on in this remote and captivating part of the world. You will have the time to take photos, chat with the locals or jump into a mountain stream for a refreshing dip if you feel like it.

You are only going to be doing three or four hours of riding per day, although on one or two days it will be five or six, which means for the most part the tour will be fairly sedate, thereby allowing you the freedom to enjoy the stunning scenery, the ambiance and of course, the food. You’ll also have a couple of days to wander off and relax in places of outstanding natural beauty, where you have the option to use your bike too if you fancy a ride. We won’t be going through any major towns or highways so this trip is suitable for everyone who would like to see and experience the mighty Indian Himalaya by motorbike but without having to ride on really busy highways.

One of the many highlights of your trip will be passing over the lofty Jalori pass at around 10,000 feet where you'll discover what it really feels like to be on the top of the world. It will be your eleventh day riding by then so you'll be more than ready for it. The classically styled Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motorbike is just a joy to tour on and perfectly suited to travelling in the Himalayas. It can be kitted out with a backrest for pillions so please bring your partners, they will love it. You are going to be staying in all sorts of excellent hotels from atmospheric mansions, to quirky and characterful Indian guest houses and charming homestays with fabulous views.

During the trip you'll be driving through verdant forests and valleys that really exemplify the mystical beauty of the Indian Himalaya with 15,000 ft snow-capped peaks often decorating the horizon. Among the wide variety of different places this tour visits is the fascinating and lively mountain town of Dharamsala, where the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community in exile lives. You will also spend a couple of nights in forest lodges in some of the most little known and wildlife rich areas of the Himalayas, the Great Himalayan National Park.

Each stage of your tour has been carefully planned to not only provide you with an alluring insight into India, the Himalayas and its peoples but also to leave you enough open space to ensure that you have the time to connect with it all and make the trip your own unique adventure.

To get you back to Delhi we have booked you a seat on the wonderful historic "world heritage" narrow gauge railway line running from the former British summer capital of Shimla in the Himalayan foothills, to Kalka on the plains far below. Originally built in 1903, by the British, nothing much has changed and being pulled slowly through the mountains is like travelling back in time as you pass through the 103 tunnels, 20 stations and 60 miles of pine forests lining the route. You'll take lunch in the carriage while you enjoy the views.

So there you have it, you are going to do some superb riding, stay in some excellent places and eat great food. The group size is limited to eight riders in order to afford you both the most attentive service and access to some of the most interesting areas in the Indian Himalayas. You've got two great guides with you, an easy going attitude, fabulous accommodation, adventure, culture, beauty, and there'll even be time for a day's shopping or sightseeing, as you prefer, in Delhi at the end of your journey.

This trip is nothing short of fantastic, so please book early if you wish to guarantee yourself a place and we look forward to seeing you in Amritsar where you will spend your first day acclimatising, getting ready for the ride of your life and visiting the stupendously beautiful Golden Temple, one of the world’s most stunning buildings.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Route

Live India Motorcycle Tour Himalaya


We have chosen some really special places to stay for each of your nights in India. You will be staying in an eclectic mix of hand picked venues, each chosen to get the best out of every location you visit. You will experience everything from a comfortable traditional homestay where you can enjoy the freshness and vitality of a Himalayan spring water plunge pool, home cooking and family life, to strategically placed modern spec hotels offering spectacular views over the Himalayas.

With our extensive knowledge of all the areas visited, we guarantee that whether it’s for the charm of a place its views or even its architecture, we have gone out of our way to make sure you are staying in the most exciting option available.


If, like us, you enjoy good food then you will love the diversity and quality of the dishes and produce available in the restaurants and markets in India. But the real ‘foodies’ out there will be even more excited by the less commercial side of dining Live India style. Our guides know the very best places to get real traditional Indian food - places that the average tourist or even tourist board would not know about. With friends every step of the way from Amritsar to Delhi, Andrew and Nitin are personally acquainted with the family cooks, farmers and restaurateurs who will be providing your culinary experience. These artisan food craftsmen will be very happy to show you what authentic Indian cuisine is. Fresh, local ingredients prepared by families who have often been cooking and perfecting the same dish for generations. One evening you’ll eat from a leaf plate with expertly spiced beans, fresh fried chicken and dumplings, the next you’ll be regally seated in a colonial palace eating the latest in fashionable Indian restaurant food. Live India takes good food seriously.

Live India

Below you'll find, at a glance, what's included in the price of the tour, and what isn't. This trip is ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden extras. From the moment you touch down in India to the moment you leave you will be looked after and catered for in splendid style every step of the way.

Himalayas Tour
£4250 Own room
£3950 Shared room

£3950 Own Room
£3650 Shared room

Seat in vehicle